What happens when you throw a phone out of a plane? Obviously, the answer of many to this question is that they will be shattered. Normally, even when we drop it, it is an impossible option for phones that have a cracked screen and exploded case to be one piece when they fall from the plane.

So much so that Apple’s iPhone 6s model, which was put on the market in 2015, fell off the plane as a result of an accident. At that moment the camera of the phone was on and recorded the entire fall. The result? The result is actually quite unexpected. Because the iPhone 6s was found working in one piece despite falling from a height of 600 meters.

iPhone 6s fell off the plane, didn’t even get scratched! The entire fall is on camera!

A documentary filmmaker named Ernesto Galiotto drops his phone with the effect of the wind while shooting on the plane. Galiotto’s 6s crashes from 600 meters. When the Brazilian documentarian lands on the ground, he runs the Find My iPhone app in despair and sees, interestingly, receiving a signal from the phone.

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When Galiotto arrives near the phone, he cannot believe his eyes when he sees that the phone is solid and solid.

Indeed, we can say that Galiotto’s luck was extremely good. Under normal circumstances, if our hand hits the screen, a crack occurs on the screen, while the man drops the phone from the plane, again nothing happens.

Of course, the robustness of the Apple iPhone 6s is undeniable. The strange thing was that the 6S Plus had a case that warped even when it was sat on it. The comment is yours.

A new Galaxy Note model may come next year!


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