The Jailbreak process, which Apple prohibits and constantly wants to prevent, allows users to recreate iOS. Jailbreak process, which excites iPhone with tweaks, was used for something interesting today. In Reddit, the software developer named newhacker1746 announced that he started working on whether the iPhone 7 runs the Ubuntu operating system and this project was successful.



According to newhacker1746, the iPhone 7 used during the transaction could not run Ubuntu due to a problem with its internal storage. However, Ubuntu was successfully installed on iPhone 7 via USB ethernet connection.

This fantastic project requires the Jailbreak tool checkra1n based on hardware vulnerabilities checkm8. Also, the core used to run Ubuntu on the iPhone does not appear to be compatible with other chips except A10 Fusion. That’s why Ubuntu only works on iPhone 7.

After a really long and complicated process, the user was able to successfully run the arm64 version of Ubuntu 20.04 (a popular Linux distribution) on the iPhone. Results; You can see it in the video below, which shows the operating system launched in Command Line mode on the phone.

Although this process is not useful for most users, it manages to be the most clear process that shows us what Jailbreak can do on Apple devices. If you have an iPhone 7 that you don’t use (wow, look at it), you can learn how to install Ubuntu from the link here. However, your phone may become unusable during this process. You have to risk it.


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