Apple is working on screen technology that can automatically go up to 4 times the default refresh rate. Thus, depending on the content, the screens can work more efficiently.

Screen refresh rates have become one of the points of differentiation in the smartphone market recently. Offering smoother and more vibrant images, the screen with high refresh rates finds its place in more and more devices. Apple will also include refresh rates in the near future.

Up to 240Hz
Apple does not include high refresh rates in iPhone models due to energy consumption concerns; The iPad Pro series used screens that switch between 60Hz-120Hz refresh rates.

A new patent shows that iPhone models will use a technology that increases the refresh rate up to 4 times. Considering the claims that Apple will supply low-energy LTPO screens in the new period, the patent is in place.

An iPhone screen in Apple’s technology; Depending on the content, it can go up to 4 times the default refresh rate. For example, on a screen with a default refresh rate of 60Hz, 120Hz-180Hz-240Hz speeds can be switched automatically. Thus, the screen is used much more efficiently. In the patent, the refresh rates are not clearly given, but the iPhone 12 series was 60Hz by default.

It is not clear when this patent will be implemented yet, but 120Hz claims are on the agenda in the iPhone 13 series. In this regard, it seems more likely that we will see 240Hz levels on iPhone screens by 2022.


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