Days and days before WWDC 2020, leaks and rumors about the iPhone 12 and iOS 14 features are not stopped. According to new information that has emerged, new features are expected to be released for iPhone calls.

New feature for iPhone calls is on the way with iOS 14!

Curious waiting about iOS 14 continues at full speed. While new assumptions are emerging about the features day by day, it seems quite likely that IT Home’s last leak will occur.

According to the leak of IT Home, iPhone calls can be recorded with iOS 14. In the resulting screenshot, there is a voice call recording setting in the “Phone and FaceTime calls” section seen in the sound settings. In the explanation that Apple has added to the Settings application, the call recording feature is explained as “It enables recording all incoming and outgoing calls on this device”.

In some countries, it is forbidden to keep a call log, but just like FaceTime, iPhones produced by country and region must be produced according to this feature. Currently, calls can be kept on iPhones with various applications, but having this feature built in iOS is expected to offer more stable performance.

With WWDC 2020 to start on June 22, iOS 14 is expected to be previewed and opened to the first Beta.


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