After the new iPad Pro, which was announced recently, the iPhone concept with Lidar browser emerged. The new feature, which positions it on the camera of the new iPads, was implemented on the new iPhone with a conceptual design.

While new iPhone models are eagerly awaited, new features are also being discussed. With the Lidar Scanner system on iPhones, it will be possible to work in 3D. 3D work will bring many innovations.

Lidar browser iPhone concept designed
After the announcement of the iPad Pro 2020, the new Lidar scanner has attracted a lot of attention. For the LiDAR system, it is called “Light Detection and Ranging”, namely “Light exchange and detection”. Thanks to this system, light scanning is performed in the area within the sensor’s field of vision. As a result of this scan, a 3D map of the environment is created.

The reflection and intensity of light is based on for the 3D map. The distance can be measured according to the return of the light emitted by the sensor and the intensity of the return. Thanks to this, a map of the environment is created.

LiDAR system, AR (Augmented Reality) applications, which can work in 5 meters area and obtain data, can be used. Thanks to the software, the objects to be displayed must be positioned according to the distance measurements made with the system.

This feature, which also contributes to game technology, also enables high quality photographs to be taken. Especially in portrait mode shooting, prominent depth measurement will be done more successfully.

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Performing the previous camera operations with the new sensor will increase the data quality. There is no information yet on whether this feature will be included in the upcoming iPhone model.


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