iPhone crashing has encountered the problem many times before. While Apple closed these gaps in a short period of time with the updates it released, we came across iOS 13 once again. This time, the message consisting of the Italian flag emoji and Sindhi language characters causes it to crash on iPhone and iPad as well as other devices such as Mac and Apple Watch.

An iPhone or iPad that first received this message, which is said to have spread in Telegram groups, is crashing regardless of which version of iOS 13 it is using. Some users state that the touch is not responding when this message is received.

iPhone crashing message reappeared!
What makes this problem scary is that it is out of your control. If you receive this message from your friend or any WhatsApp / Telegram group you are in, you will see that your device is not responding. To recover, it is necessary to perform hard reset by getting help from the keys. Some users in Reddit claim that the device needs to be reinstalled in DFU mode to install the software again.

Apple is expected to eliminate the problem with updates to be released in the coming days. Users who are concerned about the locking of their device during this time can disable the notifications of their messaging apps or, to some extent, be protected from this issue by turning off message previews.

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Although it is stated that this problem has not been experienced in iOS 13.4.5 Beta 2 version, Apple is required to release an update in order to get rid of the message crashing iPhone because it is only offered to developers at the moment.

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