iPhone News: According to research conducted in America, iPhone owners are officially throwing their money away. Old model owners are buying more and more expensive models.


A new one has been added to the research on purchasing trends in America. CIRP surveyed 500 US customers who purchased an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch in the April-June quarter of this year. What the researchers found after this survey was that Apple customers spent more money than in previous quarters.

While the general trend in the industry is the growth of the upgrade cycle, US buyers were trading in newer iPhones than before. CIRP notes that the number of older models is smaller and has been replaced by more expensive models for the first time in many quarters. Now, those who use old model Apple devices have started to renew their devices this year by paying more and more. However, since Apple customers are loyal to the company, they still prefer Apple products.

In the 12-month period ending June of this year, 37 percent of buyers had their previous phones held for 2 years or less, and 30 percent for 3 years or more. So this year, it seems that people have heard about the need for device renewal.

Apple no longer reports an average selling price, but instead focuses on the US-weighted retail average price (US-WARP). CIRP estimates that number has increased this quarter as buyers opt for higher end models. Most of the sales in the US belong to the current iPhone 12 series, with a total of 63 percent. In the same period last year, it accounted for 65 percent of its predecessor’s sales. According to analysts, the majority of people chose the iPhone 12 Pro Max as their next phone.

Another positive trend is Apple’s significant increase in sales through its own retail operations. The sales of iPhones in technology retail stores such as Best Buy and Target in the USA have reached the level of 66 percent. For those of you who don’t know, in America, when people were going to buy phones, they usually preferred either their operators or Apple Stores. Now these habits seem to be starting to change.


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