Apple released the “iPhone SE” models at the beginning of each year as a more compact version. Apple released the iPhone SE 2 in April last year. This device came with the latest Bionic A13 processor at the time. However, it still used a small screen (4.7 inches) and the screen-to-body ratio was only 65.4%. As of 2020, the screen of average smartphones was 6 inches and the screen-to-body ratio has never dropped below 85%. Thus, the iPhone SE 2 lagged behind in screen size and quality. But now it seems that things will change with the iPhone SE 3.



The market performance of the iPhone SE 2 was not as impressive as expected. Many customers did not like the display of the device. This model did not have many of the features that a smartphone released in 2020 should have. However, recent reports claim that the iPhone SE 3 will not follow the same path.

According to JP Morgan Chase’s latest analysis, Apple will bring a new iPhone SE 3 model in 2022. The company will not only improve the processor, but also change its design.

According to analysts, due to the global sales performance of the iPhone 11 series, Apple’s iPhone SE 3 model will also have a design similar to the iPhone 11 case. The screen will be upgraded to a 6.1 inch LCD notched screen. For the first time in Apple, the iPhone SE series will be equipped with a comprehensive display design.

The camera side will use the same configuration as the iPhone 11. It will be announced with a 120 ° ultra wide angle lens and a 12 megapixel dual camera solution. This camera will offer a much better camera experience, and also support optical image stabilization. In terms of key features, the iPhone SE 3 will use the latest Bionic A14 processor. Its performance will be exactly the same as the flagship model, which is the best in its class. Let’s say the iPhone SE 3 is among some reports that it may come with a new fingerprint sensor.


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