Apple’s new iPhone SE, launched on April 15, is a really good option considering the $ 399 US price and the hardware it has.

Apple A13 Bionic is one of the issues that make the device stand out with its iPhone 8 design. The fact that this processor, used in the iPhone 11 series, is on a $ 399 phone, brings the price / performance ratio to the top.

Expected an Android device rival to iPhone SE
This processor allows the device to outperform Snapdragon 855 and even many Snapdragon 865 devices. It is not possible to come across Android users praising iPhones. However, this affordable model of Apple is a similar “Why isn’t there an Android phone?” raised the question once again.

Looking at the comments of users on Android-related forums on the topic, it seems that the majority of them yearn for an Android device equivalent to iPhone SE and argued that such an option should exist.

Looking at the Google Pixel 3a in the same price segment: no IP rating, no high-end processor. Although Pixel 3a is thought to be a better option for the camera, it is far behind in performance.

If an affordable phone powered by the Snapdragon 865 processor is launched, would you buy it brand-independent?


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