iPhone SE Plus News: There are new news from iPhone, which is among the best sellers of the smartphone world. The image of the iPhone SE Plus model has been leaked.



Everything seems possible when it comes to Apple and the iPhone series. Actually, if we tell or write, it will take hours, maybe days. With the Apple iPhone series, it has reached difficult numbers all over the world. The company, which did not call money with the sales of the iPhone 12 series in 2021, is now working on the foldable iPhone model. The company, which is expected to introduce the iPhone 13 series this year, seems to launch the foldable phone model in 2022. In the previous news, we mentioned that the iPhone 14 and 15 will also appear until 2023. Today, the iPhone SE Plus came to the fore with its leaked image.

Today, Chinese sources have released images claiming that there is a new series of phones that could be called the SE 3 or SE Plus. The sleek and simple design of the phone, which was said to be leaked, looked very interesting.

iPhone SE Plus Leaked

According to the information we have obtained from foreign sources, a new phone series called SE 3 or SE Plus is coming. The new series, which looks like a low cost phone, has a simple and stylish design. It is unknown how the features of the model, which will appear with a different design compared to the other phones of the company. In the image of the device, there is a camera and a LED flash placed next to the camera. There is no camera protrusion on the front of the phone, which has a flat frame.


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