It was understood why iPhone users switched to the Meizu 18 series. Meizu offers special promotions to iPhone users.


Meizu recently reported that 45% of users who buy Meizu18 or Meizu18 Pro are iPhone users. What happened, many iPhone users suddenly switched to the Meizu 18 series. It is known that iPhone users are more loyal to the phone and operating system, especially in the transition between platforms. Another development that happened today showed us why iPhone owners switched to the Meizu18 series. Meizu offers noteworthy promotions, especially for those using older iPhone models.


Here’s Why iPhone Users Switch to Meizu 18 Series

Meizu offers discounts that will tempt iPhone owners. For example, if you own an iPhone 7 Plus and you want to buy one of the Meizu18 series models, you will receive a $ 243 discount in exchange for giving your phone. There are discounts of up to $ 360 for iPhone 8 Plus owners, $ 475 for the iPhone X, $ 610 for the iPhone XR and $ 800 for the iPhone 11 series.

Meizu prides itself on iPhone series users buying their own phones, but it should also be noted. Without these promotions, iPhone users probably do not seem very keen at the point of purchasing new Meizu phones.


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