Apple is again accused of slowing down iPhones. All iPhones including the iPhone 12 have visibly slowed down after the last update.


You may remember the incident of Apple slowing down iPhones with updates. Apple acknowledged this event and announced that it was slowing down its aging phones. For this, the Cupertinolu company, which activated the Battery Health feature, faced another scandal today. All iPhones, including the iPhone 12, have slowed down noticeably with the latest update.

These iPhones are slow! Waiting for update!

The consumer protection association in Spain explained that there is reason to believe that Apple continues to artificially slow down smartphones, and models such as the iPhone XS, iPhone 8, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 are slowing down. Those who installed the iOS 14.5, iOS 14.5.1 and iOS 14.6 update started to complain that their phones were slowing down.

The consumer protection organization believes that Apple’s actions have significantly damaged consumer devices, significantly reducing processor speed and reducing battery life. The consumer protection organization requests a clarification from Apple and states that they will then decide whether to go to court.

Some experts say that Apple did not take any malicious action, but it is a common error that causes problems in the operation of devices. If so, Apple will release an update soon to fix the bug. Currently, the testing phase of iOS 14.7 is over. With the new update to be released next Monday, iPhones are expected to regain their old speed.

iOS 14.7, which will be the last major update before iOS 15, hopefully fixes the slowdown problem experienced on all iPhones. Finally, with the new update, it should be noted that the battery health status of the iPhone 11, which was previously deteriorated, will also be improved.


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