Preparation for the new year in the smartphone market continues at full speed. Manufacturers are counting the days to introduce their Snapdragon 888 flagship. As you will know, the first group to use this chipset will be the Mi 11 family. Xiaomi will launch on December 28 and introduce these phones with Snapdragon 888. Of course, it looks forward to introducing its new weapons to other manufacturers. One of them is iQOO company, which stands out with its fast charging. This company wants to mark the year 2021 with both Snapdragon 888 and 120W fast charging. For this, he prepares the iQOO 7 model with great features.


iQOO 7 has been pre-ordered in a Chinese store

We already have some information about iQOO 7. However, as the date of introduction approaches, we find the opportunity to come across with more concrete examples of the device. Just like it is open for pre-order in stores today. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong; The iQOO 7 is available for pre-order at a store in China prior to launch.

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If we look at the posters exhibited in the store, we can see once again that the iQOO 7 will be supported by Snapdragon 888. It is also in our eyes that it will support 120Wat fast charging. In fact, we are familiar with the 120Wat fast charging of the iQOO from the previous iQOO 5 Pro. As you remember, when the Chinese manufacturer launched this phone, it also announced the first 120Wat technology. By the way, iQOO’s 120Wat charging technology can charge a device to 100% in 15 minutes. This has a very good performance when compared to other phones.


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