The third of Iran’s oil-filled tankers is approaching Venezuela’s exclusive economic zone. It was reported that two oil tankers that had previously reached Venezuelan land waters were prepared to unload.

According to financial analysis platform Refinitiv Eikon data, the Iranian-flagged Petunia tanker crossed the Atlantic Ocean and reached the Caribbean Sea on Monday. Petunia followed the route followed by two other ships, Fortune and Forest, in the fleet.

Fortune, the first of the ships, was welcomed by Oil Minister Tareck El Aissami at the El Palito refinery of the Venezuelan state oil company PDSVA. Aissami thanked Iran for its crisis time support in the country, which is suffering from oil shortage.

The agreement between the two OPEC countries that were subject to sanctions had received a reaction from the USA. An official from the American administration said in a statement this month that President Donald Trump’s administration is evaluating responses to this shipment. Upon this statement, the Iranian government had warned Washington against any military steps.

Tankers did not encounter any intervention during their travel.

According to the two sources and Eikon data, the second tanker Forest in the fleet also changed its route to a port serving the Cardon refinery of PDSVA. This ship is expected to dock today (Tuesday).

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