Throughout its more than twenty films, the MCU has made us laugh, get excited with its action scenes or even present us with moving scenes that put us on the verge of tears.

Recently a scene deleted from the script of the first installment of Iron Man has been revealed, a movie that introduced us to Tony Stark without even knowing that there would be a movie about “Avengers”.

The film released in 2008 was like tossing a coin for Universal Studios, who owned the rights before Marvel Studios bought them. The film marked the return to career success of Robert Downey Jr., whose character became the cornerstone of the Marvel universe.

A deleted snippet from the script has recently been revealed revealing Tony’s feeling of abandonment to his father, Howard Stark.

In the scene, Tony was showing someone a model of a miniature city he built at age 14. The other person, fascinated by the quality of details, tells him about how proud his father must have been.

Tony reveals that he never actually saw it, since building it was his way of apologizing for living.

A moment without a doubt dark that would have made the meeting between both characters even more emotional in “Avengers Endgame”.


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