‘Our House’ is the new horror movie on Netflix, know all the details of this mysterious production.

Netflix has surprised all its users with large acquisitions of content that make their catalog bigger and more varied, now the streaming platform brings all the terror of the movie ‘Our House’.


‘Our House’ is a film released in July 2018, directed by Anthony Scott Burns, the starring cast is composed of Thomas Mann, Kate Moyer, Nicola Peltz and Percy Hynes Whit.

The story of ‘Our House’ tells the life of Ethan, a young inventor who creates ‘Eli’, a powerful machine that generates electricity and energy by itself, but as ‘Eli’ becomes more independent, problems begin to appear .

Ethan’s parents lose their lives and he must return home to take care of his two brothers: Becca and Matt, everything is complicated when the children believe that their parents try to communicate with them through ‘Eli’, the mysteries and strangers events will be weighted in the lives of the protagonists.

“Our House” has received good reviews for its plot and the feelings it arouses in the viewer, some people describe it “as one of the most creepy contemporary horror movies.”

The movie ‘Our House’ is currently only available in the UK, but due to its success it will soon be released in the United States and Latin America for horror fans to shudder with ‘Eli’ and all its secrets


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