Earlier this week, a rumor surfaced to support AMD’s possibility to move the production of 3nm and 5nm based AMD GPU and APU solutions from TSMC to Samsung. Unfortunately, this event may not happen, according to a new report.



AMD is indeed struggling with supply. That’s why some industry watchers predict that the company will turn to Samsung for help. However, market watchers quoted by IT Home now claim that the reason for this shortcoming is not due to TSMC’s inability to keep up.

Different vendors are currently experiencing production issues, including NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series GPUs and the PS5 console. Therefore, AMD should look for a different manufacturer. However, it looks like this will not be Samsung. Especially due to the partnership between AMD and TSMC; The firm’s search for a new production line seems to be cut off.

As for Samsung, although the company is not responsible for producing AMD’s GPU and APU solutions, the two companies are already working together to bring AMD’s GPUs to next-generation Exynos chipsets in 2022. However, AMD has no intention of shifting the production line to Samsung for now.

It is said that AMD, which has partnered with TSMC, will not look for different production lines for many years to come. Let’s see if it will be a surprise in the future and Samsung will start GPU and APU production. We’ll wait and see.

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