A new and crazy rumor has spread on the net over the past hours: the latter evokes a version of the Xbox Series X displayed at an unbeatable price, in particular the rival PS5 …

Little by little, the console war is taking place, before our amazed eyes. A few days ago, Sony was able to present its new PS5, as well as a number of games planned for the console. Microsoft has since remained somewhat silent: the firm has already been able to present the Xbox Series X more than 6 months ago, and we have already had the right to a conference presenting some of the games planned for the console . But now, the two living room consoles are scheduled for a release at the end of the year, so we will have to learn more about them soon, and in particular on one point, still remained mysterious until today : the price. Thus, a crazy rumor is currently circulating on the net, indicating that Microsoft has planned a “Lite” version of the Xbox Series X (also called Lockheart or Xbox Series S), available for around 200 dollars.

At least that’s what Eastman says on Techstatic, known to have already hit the forums on Beyond3D. If the forecasts and rumors concerning the PS5 prove to be true and that it will only be available for 499 €, then we will be there on a real coup de com ‘from Microsoft. Still according to Eastman, the normal version (so the Xbox Series X) will be displayed around 399 €, which is quite reasonable when you consider the price of current consoles. According to the information reported by these rumors, the prices of the Xbox Series X and its more low-cost version should be announced during a Microsoft presentation scheduled for the month of July. Now rest to be patient, because it is after all only rumors: official news will not be long.

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