It’s only been a month since BTS released their album ‘BE’, but everything seems to indicate that the seven boys plan to return very soon with new music and ARMY has started to speculate on the possibility of a new comeback or album.

As has been the custom since we’ve known BTS, they tend to give sometimes subtle and sometimes very obvious clues through their outfits or scenery, and in the latest awards events the group has attended these days, there seems to be something that want to tell us.

It all started at the ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards 2020’ (MAMA) where the word ‘Fear’ (fear) was shown on stage during the boys’ presentation. And the same term coincided with the presentation of BTS in the ‘2020 KBS Gayo Daechukje’ where the phrase “We walk slowly with the music, we walk side to side with pain, but without fear” appeared on the screen.

This has made various theories begin to hatch in the head of ARMY, who somehow believes that this new comeback, album or whatever it means, could be connected with the era of Wings, which had a lot of influence from Hermann Hesse. and the theory of archetypes by psychoanalyst Carl Jung.

This Jungian theory has a great connection with the word ‘Fear’ or ‘Fear’, since according to the author, for an individual to be able to build his identity, he must know and accept both his light side and his dark side, assuming the fears as a fundamental and constructive part of their own ‘I’.

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So far neither BTS nor Big Hit have confirmed anything, but we know that these types of ads are never free. What do you think ‘Fear’ is about? Do you think it’s a new comeback?


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