According to data shared by Skew Analytics, the interest in CME’s Bitcoin option contracts has increased 10 times in a short period of time, and has actually achieved a difficult development to achieve. What exactly does this interest in CME’s Bitcoin product mean when these leading cryptocurrencies are not able to achieve more than $ 10,000 persistence and drop to $ 9,000 by press time?

CME’s Bitcoin futures and option products are actually open to the trading of institutional investors. This shows that even though the fluctuations in BTC price continue, institutional investors are constantly coming to the sector and institutional capital is increasing.

Institutional Investor Chooses Bitcoin
Although the statement made by Paul Tudor Jones in the past weeks was considered as a proof of this fact, the 10-fold increase in interest literally put a stop to the event. Institutional investors’ interest in Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency sector may also have been effective in the price soaring from $ 3,800 to $ 10,000. Still, looking at the number of open positions in CME, it can be seen that BTC will continue its rise in the long term.

Even if the whales manipulate the prices on a daily basis, the continuation of the institutional investor will make the inevitable happen faster.


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