If we are to believe the touching secrets of Emma Watson, the actress was sad not to have had a adolescence like everyone else and here is why.

Yes, years after the films were released, the craze is still there, enough to delight the actors who largely contributed to the success of this great classic when they were only children at the time. . Take Emma Watson, the interpreter of Hermione was only 11 years old when the film Harry Potter at the School of the Wizards left before continuing the following ones. In short, the actress spent part of her childhood as well as her adolescence on film sets, a period she would have liked to live like any young person of her age.

During an exchange with The Telegraph in 2007, Emma Watson returned to this normal adolescence that she did not have: “Sometimes I miss the fact that I have never been a teenager because I have been Hermione for so long. ” The actress had also revealed to the media Mirror how she felt when she grew up in the spotlight: “It’s embarrassing to see me go through the difficult stages of growth, my hair was just huge! I spent more time in my life to be someone other than myself “, touching secrets which will only reinforce the admiration of the fans for the interpreter of Hermione. Still on Emma Watson, these statements cast doubt and suggest that Rupert Grint was seduced by the actress on the set of Harry Potter.


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