Since the announcement of HarmonyOS for smartphones by Huawei, there has been an online debate about how the new mobile operating system will differ from Android. This debate was fueled by limited access to the beta version of HarmonyOS. Now Ron Amadeo, who works at ArsTechnica, tested and released the results.



“HarmonyOS is Android 10 only,” said Ron Amadeo in a statement. HarmonyOS designed it as a copy of Android with EMUI user interface and a few minor changes. At the same time, even the user interface used descriptions exactly like the EMUI version Huawei installed on its Android smartphones. According to Amadeo, there is nothing wrong with building the Android infrastructure and running it as an operating system under your own brand, but you must do it openly and transparently.

In early January, a senior Huawei executive announced that HarmonyOS is not a copy of iOS and Android, and listed the main differences. Wang Chenglu, Head of Huawei’s Consumer Software Division, finally decided to clarify the main differences between HarmonyOS, iOS and Android. HarmonyOS for smartphones (HongmengOS in China) is considered by many as an alternative to Android. Previously, it was shared in the announced information that the first version of HarmonyOS 2.0 to be released for smartphones will be based on Android.

Wang Chenglu said in a statement that Huawei has been developing the operating system since May 2016. He also stated that HarmonyOS offers great opportunities for all electronic devices. For example, iOS is only available for smartphones and tablets. However, the HarmonyOS operating system can be used in any product that can be connected to the internet. Thus, an ecosystem can be set up comfortably. Android operating system; It cannot be used on tablets like iOS. The scarcity of tablet-specific applications is also a prominent factor here. You can criticize the HarmonyOS operating system for its similarity to Android, but it is also necessary to see the innovations made.

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