The best camera phones in the smartphone market belong to the Huawei brand. Both the P40 series and the Mate 40 series managed to move the sector to another point, especially in terms of photography. A while ago, Reuters made a statement and said, “Huawei is selling the Mate and P Series.” This news suddenly stirred up a mess. The biggest reason for this is that we saw that the brand was sold after Reuters made the same “Honor brand is being sold” news. So Reuters is a very reliable source.



You will remember at that time, Huawei made a statement and announced that the Honor brand will not be sold. Whereas, the Honor brand was sold and even started to produce phones powered by Google. Today, the Chinese manufacturer made a statement regarding the Mate and P series and stated that this is definitely not the case.

“At Huawei, we are not planning to sell the mobile phone business and will continue to produce high quality phones for our users.”

Huawei made this announcement, and we know very clearly that the Chinese manufacturer does not have such a plan. The only unknown thing here is how it will be for Huawei to say we will continue to produce phones. Because, as you know, Kirin cannot be produced due to the problem with ARM. However, we know that the production of Kirin chipsets has also been stopped due to Trump’s sanction against TSMC. In addition to all these, it is one of the obvious facts that MediaTek and Quaclomm could not sell chipsets to Huawei either.

With Trump finally gone, political commentators expect that Joe Biden will release American companies on these restrictions and rebuild bridges between America and China.

Today, although Taiwan tension between America and China is experienced in the South China Sea with warplanes and aircraft carriers; We expect these tensions to end as soon as possible. Because the users are the most affected by this business …


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