Did Ian Somerhalder Cheat Nina Dobrev with Nikki Reed? We take stock of this tenacious rumor.

This is the question that everyone asked. Did Ian Somerhalder marry Nikki Reed for want of Nina Dobrev? At the time, their surprise marriage had surprised many, in addition to making people chat on the web. And for good reason, the fans of the actor was convinced that he would end his life with his co-star of The Vampire Diaries and not one of his best friends. Speculation about possible infidelity then spread to the press. The reason ? The two relationships seemed to have gone on far too quickly. But the one who lent his features to Damon Salvatore in the series has he really cheated on his on-screen play partner? Here is the answer.

According to information reported by The Hollywood Gossip, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have not left each other on a betrayal. In reality, the actress made the decision to break up with the actor because they were simply no longer on the same wavelength and did not have the same expectations. And despite their breakup, they remained friends and on good terms. Also according to the site, the star of the small screen therefore began his romance with Nikki Reed long after his separation and not when he was still in a relationship. These are statements that should reassure fans. And for always more info, find out if Nina Dobrev really refused to marry Ian Somerhalder.


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