The Mi Band 4 is the latest smart bracelet in Xiaomi’s line of smartbands. Like its predecessors, the accessory was very successful among the public because of its cost-benefit, with useful functions and a price that does not compare to that charged by smartwatches, for example.

Officially launched in June 2019, the smart bracelet arrived in Brazil at the end of the year, conquering fans of this technology again. However, with the nearness of his successor’s revelation, is it still worth buying a Mi Band 4? What benefits can this smartband still offer its users?

What is Mi Band 4?
This smart bracelet is the fourth generation of this Xiaomi accessory line. Since the first model, the company has always intended to offer a product that combines useful functions for everyday life and a competitive price. It is one of the best-selling wearables worldwide.

Mi Band 4 distinguished itself by bringing, for the first time in the line, a color display. Although this is a purely aesthetic addition, it has helped to further increase the appeal of the product. The new accessory also has an accelerometer, providing greater precision in capturing movements, and the function of controlling music has been incorporated into the smartband.

Main functions and features of the Mi Band 4
To understand whether Mi Band 4 is still worth buying or not, it is important to evaluate its functions and features:

  • Provide date and time (like a conventional clock)
  • Provide weather forecast data
  • Calculate steps taken during the day
  • Measure heart rate
  • Measure the distance covered during the day
  • Calculate calories expended during the day
  • Alarm, stopwatch and timer
  • Device finder (can find the connected cell phone)
  • Monitor physical activities (support for walking, running outdoors, running on the
  • treadmill, gym, cycling and swimming)
  • View smartphone notifications
  • Control music playback on your smartphone
  • Water resistance (can withstand 30 minutes on dives up to 50 meters deep)
  • Removable bracelet and wide variety of colors for customization
  • 135 mAh battery (20-day battery life)

Worth it?
Mi Band 4 is certainly one of the best smartbands currently available on the market. The wide variety of features combined with the competitive price make this accessory an interesting addition to anyone’s daily life. That’s why we believe that yes, it is still worthwhile to buy a Mi Band 4 from Xiaomi, even if its successor is already on the way.

After all, it is not yet known exactly when the Mi Band 5 will be officially launched. In the meantime, it may be a good alternative to try the current version to see if you will adapt to the uses and features it offers. If the news of the newer model is attractive, then we can start talking about the update.

In the meantime, it is worth investing in the Mi Band 4 as an everyday accessory.


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