According to recent reports, Jennifer Aniston is jealous of Brad Pitt’s new love story.

Recently, we learned that Alia Shawkat, the new girlfriend of Brad Pitt, was in the middle of a lively controversy. It is now a few months now that the actor would frequent the star of the series Arrested Development and the two, although discreet, would live a true love story. However, all this would not be at all to the taste of Jennifer Aniston if we are to believe the revelations of Woman UK. The one who lent her features to the mythical Rachel in Friends would be disappointed to see that Brad Pitt would move away from her in favor of Alia Shawkat. The magazine says: “Brad and Alia have been practically inseparable for the past few weeks … If he chooses, Jen will be devastated. Jen doesn’t want to be hopeless or clingy, but she seems to have a hard time staying cool when all that “she hears from her mutual friends, that’s how much Brad is in love with Alia.”

Ouch ouch ouch … So there would be jealousy in the air on the side of Jennifer Aniston … And unfortunately, the revelations of Life & Style will not help, since according to the media, the actress d ‘Arrested Development even moved to Brad Pitt a few weeks ago: “The intimacy, trust and connection that come with having a partner he can trust, Brad really missed.” If the actor may have found great love alongside Alia Shawkat, we must still take the rumors of jealousy from Jennifer Aniston with tweezers. Many tabloids are convinced that romantic feelings persist between the two exes, even though they are just friends today. On the other hand, Brad Pitt was not really present for Jennifer Aniston during their marriage if we are to believe his sad revelations.


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