Is love over? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West go through their worst moment. The eccentric couple don’t even share the room anymore.

The idyllic love story between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seems to have come to an end. The most eccentric and extravagant marriage would be going through its worst moment. The complicated schedules of both would be the main reason why they would no longer be sharing a bed, according to those who know celebrities closely. The rumors of crisis came along with the quarantine, and apparently, the one that would be on the verge of leaving everything aside, is the businesswoman and model.

On several occasions, sources close to the founder of Skims mentioned her fed up with the compulsory confinement, something that made it impossible for her to carry out various projects that she had planned for this year. Even so, she managed to make some from home, but without the support of her husband, which would have greatly annoyed the eccentric celebrity, since she would not have the support of the singer to raise her four children.

Apparently the rumors that the rapper took the children to another of his Wyoming mansions were true. The reason for the transfer was purely and exclusively so that Kris Jenner’s eldest daughter could rest a little from the complicated task of raising their little ones, carrying out their business and at the same time not abandoning their law studies.

Kanye West is working on his new record material, something that takes a lot of time spent in his recording studio, making it much more difficult for him to give his wife Kim Kardashian a helping hand with housework. This would have been the breaking point for the couple, and making use of the imposing mansion that they currently share, the rapper would be living in one of the apartments that has the land, to avoid crossing paths with the businesswoman. The time of love and happiness among celebrities seems to have come to an end.

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