Samsung Galaxy A52 News: Introduced at the Galaxy Unpacked event held in March, the Samsung Galaxy A52 series has become water resistant. Here is the answer.



Launching different products in 2021, Samsung filled its case with money. The technology giant, which is also very active in our country, has the title of the leader of the smartphone market. The company, which has made a name for itself with the updates it brings to its phones as well as its smart phones this year, is still on the agenda with its phone series. It has been determined whether the Samsung Galaxy A52, which was released in March and has drawn beautiful graphics with its sales so far, is waterproof or not. Questions that have been wondered for weeks have been answered.

As you may recall, the company’s Galaxy Unpacket event was held in March 2021. At the event held online, the company announced the A52 series as well as the A72. The phone, which has achieved good sales so far, has now come to the fore with the water resistance test.

Is Samsung Galaxy A52 Water Resistant?

According to the information we received, the company received IP67 certification, which means that the phone is dust and water resistant. As you may recall, the A51 was not water resistant. However, the company received water and dust resistance certification for the phone successor, the A52 model, and stated that the phone is waterproof. While the company guarantees that the device is waterproof for up to 30 minutes, it stated that over 30 minutes, the device may be damaged. The question that has been wondering for weeks has finally been answered and users have been informed that the device is not waterproof. The company will also include IP68 certification on its foldable phones.


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