What is the most noticeable phone in the smartphone market? If you say, we can say three models here. The first of these is the iPhone 2G, which we recently re-purchased from the first generation, the other is OPPO Find X and another is the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. Apple and OPPO are two manufacturers that have been successful with their legendary phones. Xiaomi showed the Alpha model, but could not put it on sale. Today, the first images of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 appeared.



When we look at the leaked patents, we see two different phones. In one of them, the camera comes out of the case with a pop-up structure. In the other, we see the camera merging with the notch. We don’t know which design you like more, but the design of the pop-up phone looks much more compact.

However, we see a screen structure flowing from the front to the back of the phone, but the patents do not reveal any information about the design structure on the back.

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Will Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 Be Real?

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun had made a huge R&D investment in the development of the first generation Mi Mix Alpha. If you ask us, it has become a matter of honor for Lei Jun to make this phone. Because the only series that Xiaomi has not introduced and offered for sale until now was the Mi Mix Alpha series.


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