With the popularity of wireless headsets, many people must still ask themselves whether it is still worthwhile to bet on conventional alternatives. The advantage of the traditional model is that it does not depend on battery charging to be able to hear sound daily. Another benefit is in the economy part, after all, most quality Bluetooth models are priced slightly higher.

In addition, there are several wired options on the market that are basic, but emit good sound quality. Looking for the best headset? Discover affordable and well evaluated brands!

JBL Tune 110

This JBL headset is suitable for those who like more bass and don’t want to spend a lot. As an entry model, it does not reproduce the most advanced sound quality, but in general it offers balance and sharpness, especially with the use of an equalizer. Another advantage here is the flat cable, which eliminates the possibility of being embarrassed.

Philips SHE1405BK / 10

This inexpensive Philips headset promises powerful and balanced sound, with less interference from outside noise due to the fit of its ear plugs. It even has built-in control for pausing songs and answering calls. Its 1.2 meter cable is another benefit that especially favors taller people.


The Sony MDR-EX15LP is yet another good, economically priced option to enjoy your playlists on a daily basis. The device also has 9mm drivers, which generates powerful audio with clear bass. There is also a 1.2 meter cable and four color variations to choose from: black, white, pink and blue.

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Samsung IG935

Do you prefer more sophisticated design? This Samsung headset has gold plated circular ear plugs and a fabric cord to prevent curling. In terms of sound, it has a stereo system, capable of reproducing strong and clean audio. Its control, on the other hand, has three buttons dedicated to pause and volume intensity.

JBL T205

Want to escape the in-ear format? This other JBL headset is of the ear type, similar to the old wired models from Apple, and can please those who like different aesthetics due to its metallic detail. Once again the bass here is highlighted, along with the sound balance and sharpness. The model also has a flat cable and a larger button for pausing / playing tracks.


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