OnePlus may be preparing to enter the crypto wallet business. The company has been conducting surveys about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency wallet recently. The purpose of these surveys is to strengthen the company’s network by correcting existing errors in the market.



Cryptocurrency highlights in recent surveys draw attention

In recent surveys, the company asks its users if they use trading platforms such as Gemini, Coinbase, Binance and Robinhood. OnePlus; It may be planning to enter the decentralized market with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. It is worth noting that Ethereum in particular has become popular in recent months thanks to its highly functional smart contracts and trading applications.

OnePlus has caught the attention of the cryptocurrency public with a survey called “OnePlus Blockchain Research”. This business research focuses on products around virtual currencies, although as the name suggests, the focus is on Blockchain technology. Current questions include developing a new crypto platform to protect assets like Bitcoin.

OnePlus could get into crypto wallet business

The survey also asks users if they trade with cryptocurrencies and the platforms they use. There are also questions about the disadvantages investors face with every cryptocurrency wallet they use. The company also appears to collect information about participants using active software wallets such as MetaMask or Coinbase.

While investments in cryptocurrencies continue to be volatile, OnePlus is playing its cards a bit open right now. The company’s rival, Samsung, has been keenly interested in cryptocurrencies since the Galaxy s10 started production in February 2019.

Samsung and Apple are also related

Apple is also showing its interest in the market and is not far behind in the decentralized market. The company recently announced that it is looking to enter a cryptocurrency wallet business to support Bitcoin and offer secure payments.

But many traditional investors avoid investing in cryptocurrencies despite the new announcements. Equity investors do not sympathize with the volatility of cryptocurrencies and argue that crypto will crumble at some point.

Three tech companies can compete to offer users the best cryptocurrency wallet for them. For now, companies have expressed their interest in the market, but they haven’t fully appeared on the scene.


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