Completing 2020 as the world’s largest manufacturer in the smartphone market, Xiaomi has turned its eyes even higher. Some sources also state that Xiaomi may rise to the position of the world’s largest producer by the end of 2021. Regardless, the Chinese manufacturer has caught a big hit. In 2019, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun announced that the Mi Mix series would end, but it seems that; The Mi Mix series, called over, will be revived. For a while, information about the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 has been seriously circulating.



At a social media event held yesterday, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun answered the questions he was asked sincerely. We hope that senior executives in our country can answer users’ questions instead of running away from them. At the beginning of the questions asked to Lei Jun was the continuation of the Mi Mix series. Lei Jun made the following statement on this matter.

“I can say that the Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro models will mark the first half. We have not given up on the Mi Mix series either and a new phone may come later this year.
The other day, Lei Jun chief asked Chinese users from his Weibo account, “Would you buy a phone call for $ 1,500?” she asked. All these signs seem to be the footsteps of the new generation Mi Mix 4. Because if the Chinese manufacturer wants to be the biggest in 2021; It should run a much more aggressive policy.

While Xiaomi Mi 11 sales started in China in January; On February 8, the phone will just be introduced in the global market. Xiaomi should be able to do these calendars, just like Samsung and Huawei. Otherwise, the phones face the danger of aging before they reach the European market. We hope Xiaomi and other Chinese manufacturers can come up with marketing strategies worthy of their names.

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These images you see above and claimed to be Mi Mix 4 excited everyone. On top of that, a phone with a four-sided screen leaked yesterday also excited the users. Let’s see what Xiaomi has to offer us? The year of 2021 started very exciting and seems to continue as such…


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