MediaTek, which shipped 100 million mobile chips in the third quarter of the year, surpassed its competitor Qualcomm and succeeded to become the leader. The Dimensity series played a big role in this.

Despite the negativities and losses, Taiwanese MediaTek has finally achieved its goal. It became a leader in the mobile chip market by overtaking its rival Qualcomm.

New star MediaTek
MediaTek, which has been designing chips since the end of the 90’s, started to attract attention especially in 2012 and after. MediaTek titles are the first Big.Little chip for the tablet, the first true 8-core chip, the first 3-cluster chip and the top 10-core chip.

MediaTek targeting mid-range performance oriented phones; It was disappointed with the 10-core Helio X20 chipset, and it struggled in market share following Qualcomm’s major moves.

The Avatar Dimensity 700 comes with the most affordable 5G phones
MediaTek gradually started to grow its base again with its Helio A and Helio P productivity-focused mid-level chips; He supported this with the Helio G series. Its main output was with the Dimensity series, which it integrated a 5G modem.

Expanding a wide range between entry and mid-high level, the Dimensity series found a wide range especially in India and China. The weakening of the Huawei Kirin chipset due to the embargo had an effect on this.

The slow but steady rise was crowned with leadership in the third quarter of the year. MediaTek, which shipped about 100 million mobile chips, surpassed Qualcomm, which sold around 96 million for the first time.

It is estimated that around 330 million mobile chips were shipped this quarter. The lion’s share of these two companies. Samsung, Kirin and Apple, on the other hand, remained at 12 percent, with sales of around 39 million.

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MediaTek Finally Overtakes Qualcomm

On the 5G side, there is a 17 percent share. In other words, we can say that there have been shipments of around 56 million 5G integrated chipsets. In this number, Qualcomm is the leader with 39 percent. Recent Snapdragon G series chipsets put Qualcomm forward in the 5G market.

From now on, it is thought that the 5G trend will play a key role in the mobile chipset market. Especially in the middle and entry level segment, there is a very large consumer base and those who play well here will win.

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