One Piece News: It seems that this will be a historic year for Eiichiro Oda and for the manga industry


Despite the fact that One Piece is a manga that began circulating only 24 years ago (1997) in the Weekly Shonen Jum, compared to the legendary work of Batman. According to Comicbook, it has managed to exceed the total sales of the Dark Knight that has been in publication since 1939, long before Oda’s work.

As of today, One Piece carries about 490 million copies worldwide. By comparison, all of Batman’s work has sold $ 480 million. Despite being a small difference, it seems that it will continue to grow. Since March 2020, sales of Eiichiro Oda’s work have increased by 50 million, while those of DC Comics have stagnated.

Most of One Piece’s sales come from Japan, nearly 400 million of the total figure. Despite what it may seem, the success of this manga is not as global or universal as others like Shingeki no Kyojin or Kimetsu no Yaiba.

However, the historical milestone that this point marks for the manga and comic industry is undeniable.

one piece batman joker manga batman baby

In fact, Batman himself has tried to enter the world of manga and anime with films like Batman Ninja that places the Dark Knight in Feudal Japan or the Joker manga. However, we do not know how these attempts to enter this new medium may turn out. Meanwhile, One Piece prepares to reach the end of the Wano Arc, one of his community favorites thus far.

So, we very much doubt that their sales will start to decline anytime soon.


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