The name of the new Motorola device, which we have featured in our news many times, has the model number XT2129 and the code name “Capri Plus”, has surfaced thanks to the NBTC certificate. While the new Motorola, which is on the website of NBTC, Thailand’s official certification board, was approved as Moto G30, it also helped to eliminate the curiosity that has been going on for months.



While the information in the certificate does not reveal the hardware features of the phone, the Geekbench tests, which were previously included in our news, constitute some of what we know about this phone. The Moto G30, which has been in our news as Capri Plus, comes with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and it comes out of the box with Android 11. While the score the phone got in a single core was 306, the score it got in a multi-core was 1258.

The phone, powered by the Snapdragon 662, which previously powered many Motorola devices as well as devices such as the Redmi Note 9 4G, OPPO A73 and Nokia 5.4, comes with a HD + resolution screen with 90Hz scanning speed and a triple camera with 64MP + 13MP + 2MP resolution. While the launch date is not yet clear, we can say that the certificates received and the tests performed shed light on the coming days. So the phone may soon become official, even if it comes with an affordable price. Of course, if we ignore the HD + resolution of the screen …


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