Measuring your heart rate and tracking your fitness and health has become much more accessible over the past few years, thanks to the popularity of smart watches and smartbands. Google now makes it much more accessible by offering the ability to measure your heart rate and respiratory rate with just your smartphone camera. This new feature that comes to the Google Pixel family seems to make other Android phone users a little jealous.



Heart rate and respiratory rate are made with the latest update with the Google Fit application. To measure your breathing rate, it is enough to hold the front camera towards your face and body and start the application. The smartphone measures subtle changes in your posture and body and displays your breathing rate. It’s also easy to measure your heart rate. Just place your finger on the smartphone’s rear camera lens.

Google is very frank that these measurements are not for medical diagnostic purposes. So don’t trust Google and say my heart is like a stone. Because if something happens to you, Google does not accept responsibility.

However, it can be used by people to monitor their daily fitness and health. The more you use the feature, the Google Fit app can present trends over time along with other health and wellness analysis.

These features were first introduced to Google Pixel smartphones. However, these features will be added to more Android phones later.


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