While the phone owners who will receive the MIUI 12.5 update, which was released recently, continue to wait for the update impatiently, there are new developments. Xiaomi, which brings new flagships to its users and is preparing to bring them together, may bring an update to a phone model that it launched three years ago. A perfect claim has been made for the Xiaomi POCO F1, a mid-segment phone. Good news.



The POCO F1, another Xiaomi phone that satisfies users, seems to be preparing to receive a stunning and extensive update after three years. In this news, which we use the term smoke does not come out of the place without fire, it is claimed that the phone, which was released three years ago, will receive the MIUI 12.5 update.


Xiaomi POCO F1 May Receive MIUI 12.5 Update

Brand new news continues to come from India, where technology beats. While many famous brands continue to launch their new flagships one by one in India, they are breaking records in pre-orders at Samsung. Such a claim came from India, where there is a large audience in the Chinese giant, that it almost moved from place to place.

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It is alleged that the MIUI 12.5 update, which is the newest update for the phone that was launched three years ago, could come. The update, which is stated to come with a revamped user interface that reduces CPU and GPU usage, will satisfy users with a bunch of innovations as well as numerous fixes. The phone, which is expected to become more vital with the latest Android appearance, will continue to receive good comments from its current users. The team working on the update does not want to make their impatient users wait any longer.


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