Apple’s appeal against the decision, which was sentenced to 10 million euros on grounds that it slowed iPhones in 2018, was rejected. The Italian court ruled that the sentence was justified.

In 2018, Italy imposed a severe penalty on Apple and Samsung, the two technology giants of today. Italian officials said Apple and Samsung were carrying out unfair commercial activities and accused both companies of “directing users to buy new devices as a result of serious disruptions and obvious slowdowns.”

Due to these crimes, Italy fined Apple 10 million euros and Samsung 5 million dollars. Both companies objected to this decision of Italy. The result of the appeal made by Apple is only evident today. However, Apple received a negative result in its appeal to the Italian court.

Appeal filed:

As a result of Apple’s appeal to the Italian court, the court announced the final decision. According to the announced decision, the 10 million euro penalty decision made to Apple was justified and approved. In other words, Apple returned blankly from its appeal and was liable to pay the 10m-euro fine. The summary of the decision announced by the court is as follows:

“The Board believes that the Authority correctly evaluates the battery related information related to the basic aspects of the device and therefore should be presented to consumers in accordance with the professional rigor needed by a leading group of companies in the world and in the high-tech industry.

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It was concluded that AGCM’s deficiencies and insufficient information about Apple’s batteries by December 2017 by Apple were integrated into a wrong business practice under article 22 of the Consumer Act: This result is one of the main features that affect the product’s performance and duration The neglect of relevant information has caused consumers to make mistakes both in the purchase decision and above all in the correct use and replacement of iPhone devices.

As a result, appeals and additional reasons should be rejected for all of the above. ”

Apple, whose appeal is rejected, will also pay another 7,000 euros for a failed appeal.


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