IU has been confirmed to be collaborating with Suga BTS for the upcoming comeback.

On Monday (27/04), EDAM Entertainment announced that IU will hold a comeback in May.

As the agency representative said, “IU will release a digital single on May 6 and she will also release a music video for her song.”

EDAM Entertainment also announced that IU collaborated with Suga in producing her new song.

Considering the two of them are the same age, EDAM Entertainment once again commented, “As musicians of the same age, they can understand each other and use that as a basis for brainstorming. They create a unique synergy, which is illustrated through their songs. ”

IU has filmed a music video for the song and the agency also said that in this comeback he will be presenting music with a different style than the previous songs.

IU also participated directly in each stage of production, starting from making music and lyrics, to compiling the whole concept for the single.

Are you ready to welcome the collaboration song of IU and Suga?


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