IZ * ONE appears and will participate in the next project ‘Starship Entertainment x Pepsi’.

On December 29, the entertainment agency, Starship Entertainment revealed that IZ * ONE are the next featured artists for the upcoming campaign they run every year ‘2021 Pepsi x Starship K-Pop Campaign’.

Previously these were the artists who participated in the project with Pespi, Bae Jin Young and Kim Yo Han, Kang Daniel and Zico, VIXX’s Ravi and GFriend’s Eunha, and Rain and Soyu participated in special collaborations for the ongoing project ‘Starship x Entertainment x Pepsi ‘. As we can see, only quality idols have been working on this project.

Now we can only wait for news from Pepsi and Starship Entertainment about their plans for IZ * ONE.

We leave you below the teaser video where they reveal IZ * ONE with their selected artists 😀


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