BTS’s Hoseok made original bead bracelets for BTS members.

The BTS guys have had a very busy year, with a pretty tight schedule, but none of that has stopped the members from communicating with ARMY through different Internet platforms.

J-Hope performed a live via VLive, where in addition to talking to her fans about her latest activities and plans, the BTS rapper showed the process of making beautiful bracelets for her colleagues.

Jung Hoseok is known for his radiant and very charitable personality, so he decided to make presents for his BTS peers, the idol finds it very relaxing to make bead bracelets and these accessories are very authentic.

The rapper was inspired by the colors of the microphones BTS uses for her performances, Hobi added a charm that represents each of the members of the band:

Jin’s bracelet is pink and has a flame charm.
For Suga he chose a kitten and the color of his bracelet is black.
The RM bracelet is blue, with decorations of stars, hearts and a koala.
For Jimin he chose a chick and the color of his bracelet is yellow.
The V bracelet is green, it has some decorations of hearts.
For Jungkook he chose a bunny and the color of his bracelet is purple.
Hoseok’s bracelet is red.

To focus better, J-Hope discussed a few things with ARMY and revealed that his favorite season of the year is winter as he loves to feel cool, he said he is eating better these days and has seen some movies he likes again.


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