The boys of BTS share much of their history as artists, however, each one began to pursue that dream and become interested in the world of music through different experiences, that’s why J-Hope wanted to share with ARMY how their first years dreaming of being a dancer.

During his last V Live broadcast, this idol said that because his father was a teacher, he cared a lot about his performance in school, but for J-Hope, who was already starting to get passionate about dancing, it was more attractive to occupy his study time. to continue practicing.

J-Hope relates that on one occasion, he had to prepare for the exam season, but while he was in his room pretending to study, he was actually watching dance videos to improve his technique. What she did not expect is that her father would come in at that moment and catch her.

At first Hobi’s father did not like that he put so much interest in dance and to show his dedication to this activity, I even dance in front of him without music, but fortunately now he supports him a lot and, turning to the past, these are just fun memories for him.


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