HBO Max, J.J. He gave approval for three seasons to be prepared under the leadership of Abrams: Justice League Dark, adapted from DC comics, Duster, which was among the creators of The Shining spin-off Overlook and Abrams.

WarnerMedia’s new digital platform, HBO Max, will start broadcasting in May. HBO Max, which will host many licensed content powered by companies such as Warner Bros., HBO, TNT under the umbrella of WarnerMedia, will also offer its users interesting original productions. J.J. is one of the names that prepared these original contents that will meet the audience at HBO Max. Abrams is coming.

The first projects to be prepared by Abrams, which signed a giant 500 million dollar agreement with WarnerMedia until 2024 in September of last year, have been announced. HBO Max gave the first season approval directly to three new series to be prepared under the leadership of Abrams. These series are; Adapted from DC comics, Justice League Dark will be the Duster, where the creators of The Shining spin-off are Overlook and Abrams.

Justice League Dark, Adapted from DC Comics, Receives First Season Approval from HBO Max
J.J. It was announced in January that Abrams’ production company Bad Robot will produce movies and series focusing on characters such as Constantine, Zatanna, Swamp Thing in the Justice League Dark comics, but no further information was shared. The new information that shows up shows that the first project to come out of this universe will be a large budget series that focuses on Justice League Dark characters. The exact characters in the series will remain uncertain for now.

Justice League Dark, which first appeared in comics in 2011; As a team that comes together to cope with paranormal threats that heroes like Superman and Batman cannot cope with. Focusing on the occult side of the DC universe, Justice League Dark is among DC’s most popular series, although it has entered the comic world in the past 10 years.

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Warner Bros., who previously made several attempts to adapt this series to cinema with directors such as Guillermo Del Toro and Doug Liman, seems to have finally decided that a series of adaptations would be more accurate.

The Shining spin-off, Overlook, as the name suggests, focuses on Overlook Hotel, which has a very important place in both Stephen King’s classic novel and Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation. The series, which will focus on Overlook Hotel, perhaps the most popular ghost house in the world of literature and cinema, will also include some characters we are familiar with from books and movies. The series produced by Bad Robot is written by the duo Dustin Thomason and Scott Brown, who were also in the screenwriter team of Castle Rock, another adaptation of Stephen King.

J.J. He writes the script of Duster, which is prepared based on the original idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAbrams, together with LaToya Morgan, known for the series such as Abrams, The Walking Dead and Parenthood. It takes viewers back to the 1970s, to the southwest of America, and focuses on a driver who works for a fast-growing criminal organization, who travels on the fine line between madness and stupidity.

It is stated that preparations were started for all three series and productions were stopped and scriptwriters were created to write the scenario of many sections in order to evaluate this quarantine process well. On the other hand, it is estimated that Bad Robot will add new projects to these projects in the coming period.


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