Jae DAY6 revealed his frustration at not getting fair treatment from JYP Entertainment’s agency.

That began when the official DAY6 Twitter account uploaded a post to promote Young K’s ‘Live from DIVE Studios’ content on Monday (6/29) yesterday.

While quoting the tweet of the official DAY6 Twitter account, Jae wrote, “Why don’t you promote my DIVE content?”

On Tuesday (6/30) Jae then gave an explanation of the tweet, “I recently did the ‘Hwaiting’ podcast available on Facebook. I also collaborated with 88rising. How can my content not be promoted? ”

He continued, “YouTube too. For the Jaesix YouTube channel I do it all by myself, I have often asked the agency, I even had to ask for permission. But even after all that, they said I had to quit because it ruined the image of the company. But other DAY6 members get better content and management for their promotion. ”

For now, JYP Entertainment still hasn’t provided their response regarding Jae’s tweet.


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