MGM, which owns series such as James Bond, Robocop and Rocky, may be sold in the near future. It is said that the studio can be sold to digital services like Netflix.

MGM Studios, which owns some important brands such as James Bond, may soon be sold to a digital service. According to information from sources such as Deadline and Variety, the studio has contacted investment banks to sell all their rights in the cinema and television industry. MGM believes that its rich movie and series catalog will attract the attention of streaming services such as Netflix.

Digital services that are on the hunt for content can buy MGM.
It is stated that MGM has already made sales plans for a long time, but the process has accelerated due to the pandemic period. The pandemic period especially affected studios with relatively modest dimensions such as MGM. On the other hand, digital services such as Netflix and Disney Plus are experiencing their best times. MGM believes that such streaming services will be of interest to valuable brands like James Bond, who are on the hunt for new content.

If MGM is sold, it is not clear to whom it will be sold. Netflix is, of course, among the candidates, but Disney Plus / Hulu or Warner Bros / HBO Max are likely to show interest in MGM brands. Here especially the purchase of service mgm’y serving in Turkey would be much better for us, of course.

The MGM sale is not expected to be completed for a while for now. Some of the contents of MGM, which has more than 4 thousand productions and 17 thousand hours of television content, are as follows:

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