Since the beginning of the global quarantine period, filmmaker James Gunn has taken the time to interact with his followers through his social networks.

Initially, Gunn presented us with a list of underrated movies to watch in the quarantine period, now, through his Instagram account, he recommends ten television shows from the 2000s that he believes should be viewed.

Here is a brief synopsis of each series accompanied by its respective trailer.

Kingdom (3 Seasons)

The series follows the figure of Alvey Kulina, a former MMA fighter and owner of a gym with which he intends to train the next generation of fighters, including his two sons.

Wonder Showzen (2 Seasons)

MTV2 surreal comedy show. The series was based on the format of “Sesame Street” in sketches full of black humor.

Happy Valley (2 Seasons)

A West Yorkshire community police sergeant who has faced the tragedy of losing an immediate family member, believes that an inmate is responsible for the events that led to her daughter’s suicide, and now he is free.

Patriot (2 Seasons)

John Tavner, an intelligence officer, is on a mission to prevent Iran from launching its nuclear plan. The assignment requires giving up all safety nets and taking on a dangerous unofficial mission.

Party Down (2 Seasons)

The story follows a group of aspiring actors and writers in Los Angeles as they work as waiters for an event company as they hope to improve their situation.

First Person

Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris shares a series of rare stories that he has compiled throughout his career.

The Joe Schmo Show (3 Seasons)

The program pretends to be a reality show where in reality everyone involved is an actor, except for one of them. The others are instructed to bring out hilarious reactions from the targeted “contestant.”

Justified (6 Seasons)

Sheriff’s Deputy Raylan Givens has his own Wild West-style methods of maintaining justice, interfering with criminals and their chiefs of the US Marshals Service, being reassigned to the Kentucky district.


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