The multinational giant company Sony has announced its common database platform. Blockchain Common Database (BCDB) will use Blockchain technology as part of Mobility (MaaS) as a service. Developed independently by Sony, this product will be available as a next-generation digital service that integrates multiple transport systems and services.

BCDB to Improve Transportation
Salary; It will integrate various means of transportation, including trains, buses, car sharing, optional mobility services and even bicycle rental. All of this will be enabled by IT and cloud technology, which provides users with the necessary data about routes, recommended transport routes and additional services.

MaaS will also provide basic information about the route, travel time and total cost of the selected service.

It’s All About Data
As Sony announced in the press release today, the Blockchain Partner Database will have a high-speed information processing technology that will make things easier for more than 7 million users a day. It will enable them to track and share anonymized personal travel activities and costs, which will be an adequate option, especially for large cities.

Sony; In 2019, he had an experience in MaaS “Blockchain Challenge Program” of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The company conducted a test on BCDB approval, and the test, which ended in March 2020, was the only project that completed the ministry’s requirements.

Organizations in Europe are taking various actions to proactively promote MaaS. Using BCDB in digital transportation environment can lead to significant improvements in travel efficiency; manage the records of the movements and costs.

According to Sony, BCDB is set up for faster data processing, and this adjustment is not limited to MaaS. The Common Database Platform can be used as a tool for recording and sharing various sensor data related to the development of smart cities.

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Some other companies are also willing to use Blockchain technology for additional purposes. These include Microsoft, Circle, Intel, Visa, Amazon, Walmart, etc. There are also companies like IBM.


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