There is a competition for programming languages ​​as well as between programs for many years. With the use of developing technology and new programming languages, an endless competition has begun. Java, which has been on top for a long time, is no longer the most popular programming language.

According to the statistics updated every year, Java is behind C language according to the data of this month. Although we witness that there are ups and downs from time to time, it will show the programmers’ preferences from time to time.

Why has the most popular programming language changed?
It has been one of the favorite languages ​​of programmers for many years in terms of Java platform support and compatibility, which has long maintained its top position. The C language has been lagging behind with the changing preferences of programmers over the past few years. The C language, which was the first in 2015, is first again with the data of May 2020.

The C language first appeared in 1972. Although it has been 48 years since its release, it is one of the most used programming languages ​​with multi-platform support. This legend is still used, although there are different languages ​​that come later, such as C # and C ++. With the syntax of the C language, it still inspires other programming languages.

Next year, we can see Java back on top, maybe Python on top. Until then, this aged programming language remains first. Why do you think C language is still so popular?

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