B.A.P’s Jongup, Dal Shabet’s Woohee, JBJ95’s Kenta To Star In Film About Idols Titled Idol Recipe

Idol Recipe, is a new comic idol musical film about an unknown idol group called Bella, which has become a mess, this is because of the bad treatment of their agency. Bella manages to overcome that conflict with an evil manager who tries to sell them and they finally manage to enter the Billboard charts.

Jongup, he was assigned the role of Bella’s genius songwriter Jang Jun. In the movie, Jang Jun is a figure who will portray himself as a positive influence on the group by producing a song that helps Bella rise to the top.

Woohee will become Kelly, Bella’s producer, and Kenta will play Redi. Nahyun will play the role of the visual Jenia of Bella who is dating Jang Jun. The group’s leader and mathematical genius Do Young will be played by Ryu Hoyeon, and female leader and main vocalist Ji Ahn will be played by Sohee.

A source from Jongup’s Big Ocean ENM shared some comments about the movie’s cast.

“Jongup is doing his best to perfectly portray his role in‘ Idol Recipe. ’ He will display a different kind of charm than he exhibits on stage as an artist. Please send a lot of support so that Jongup can expand his presence as an actor. ”

-Big Ocean ENM
We tell you that the recordings will begin next year.

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