On Saturday (7/18), Jennie BLACKPINK stirred up her followers’ frenzy by sharing blur portraits with backgrounds that made salfok mistaken for aisles until a sewer.

As one of the K-Pop idols who have fans spread almost all over the world, of course many of them are expecting something new from Black Pink (BLACKPINK). Yes, YG Entertainment’s care group has succeeded in stealing the public’s attention since its inception.

The four members of BLACKPINK themselves also managed to steal the hearts of K-Pop lovers with their respective charms. As one of the young idols, it seems Lisa cs also do not want to miss technology. They seem to be quite active on the Instagram page in order to be able to share their daily activities with fans.

On Saturday (7/18), one of the members of BLACKPINK returned to Instagram and shared her latest portrait. She is Jennie who appears super cute and adorable with an overall overalls jeans paired with a white shirt. The singer of the song “Kill This Love” was even more charming by curling some of her hair.

There are four photos shared by Jennie in the post. Like other Korean artists, this time she even shared many blur portraits. But the most highlighted was of course Jennie’s background when taking pictures. The reason she was seen standing in an alley so that there is also a tempting photo in the sewer because of the appearance of the pipe behind her.


“I salfok with the number of suction wc,” said @byun ****. “Wow, you kid,” teased @jour ****. “This place is really local (emoji),” teased the netters. “Sepurane let me tambaksari alley, let’s manganese meat soup, then take a picture,” chirped netter.

“Feeling at the boarding house in Tangerang,” wrote @fia. ****. “Like the stairs to our boarding house, isn’t it? Wwwww,” continued Fitr **** added. “Geez, mon, I’m sorry, bro, I’m back to the back, I think it’s a sewer,” added the netter. “Jennie took a picture in the alley, just try it aesthetically, let’s take a picture like this,” said another.


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